Mikkeller - Calling all Beer Geeks!

Episode 4.75

Beer geeks assemble, we've got some exciting liquid desserts to talk about! Ditch your apple pies, cheesecakes, brownies and even your yogurt and instead fill your ears with this...

Mikkeller - Yin & Yang

Episode 4.5

They say in Chinese Philosophy that yin and yang are opposite forces that may actually complement another. We decided to put that to the test in our continuing look at some of Mikkeller's most interesting beers.

Mikkeller Single Hop Series

Episode 4

We're tackling three interesting IPA's from one of the greatest breweries we've experienced. Each one showcasing a different style of hop.

Two German Gringos

Episode 3.75

Continuing the German theme, we invited Taran from Supersave Wines back for a special look at some German inspired beers from the marvellous Beavertown and their Tempus Project.

Builders bottles and bacon breakfasts

Episode 3.5

German beers march on. We’re back and delving deeper into the Supersave Wines treasure chest of oldest German wonders. Tasting two more styles, an Exportbier and a Smoked Weizen. Join us as we sip our way through builders bottles, and salivate over the prospect of bacon breakfasts. Bottoms up, prost!

Hallo, Ich bin ein Beerliner

Episode 3

It's the one with the German Beers! On this exciting episode, we take a journey to one of the oldest parts of the world that have been brewing (and drinking a lot of) beer.

We carried a watermelon!

Episode 2.75

We carried a watermelon! Sometimes certain kinds of beer deserve a moment of their own, a moment to savour and appreciate their unique qualities. So take a moment, to join us.

'Tis the Saison

Episode 2.5

A special episode of Podcask celebrating these special Pale Ales by trying two very interesting beers.

Spring Ales

Episode 2

The trees are in bloom, the sun is starting to shine and our great journey continues. In our second feature-length episode we are joined by our first special guest, Phil Newby from Bournemouth's Four Horseman Pub

Podcask Mini

Episode 1.5

In the first of our mini episodes, we explore some experimental India Pale Ale’s. Tasting Mondo Brewing's, Van Dammage & Siren Craft Brewing’s Hop Candy.

A Brewdog Marathon!

Episode 1

Three guys walk into a podcast... stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

After a couple of false starts we warmed up quickly following a little banter and a familiar tasting of five beers, with one wildcard. An hour (and a bit) later we completed the first Podcask.